Implemented Solutions

All the solutions are designed, developed, implemented and supervised by professional personnel qualified and experienced on the photovoltaic solar industry. All our solutions include:

  • High quality photovoltaic modules certified by national and international instances..
  • Inverter (es) or micro-inverters of high quality and efficiency certified by national and international instances.
  • Professional installation made by specialized technicians according to the specifications: NOM-001-SEDE, NEC 690 y CFE G0100-04.
  • The highest quality components and installation materials.
  • Special professional structures and supports for photovoltaic systems.
  • Stainless steel screws, galvanized water-proof pipe, industrial sealers, copper conductors for high voltage with insulations resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • All the paperwork forward the CFE: Requests, Agreements, Inspections and Approvals.
  • Service after-sales we design the photovoltaic system guaranteeing optimum performance and profitability for your home or business.
    After the system is installed, we provide permanent advice for any issue related to CFE as well as warranty claims with manufacturers.