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About Us

Thank you for your interest in being part of the solar revolution! At eSolar Pros, we provide reliable, long-term, sustainable, solar energy systems at competitive prices.
We give you first class service that you and your family deserve and professional installations that produce as much energy as possible; the greates benefits for you, your family and your business!

★ 11 Years Of Experience

★ Efficient & Reliable Technology

★ Professional Installations

★ 25 Year Solar Panel Warranty

★ 10 Year Direct Warranty

If you‘re not yet with eSolar Pros, you’re spending too much on electricity!


The process It´s quite simple

1.) We’ll Make You A Free Energy Analysis

Every home, business or industry is different. In order to calculate your new solar electric system & savings, we’ll require a copy of your current Electricity Bill or your 12 digit service number, if you already have one. If that’s not the case, we’ll ask you about your energy needs. We’re meticulous in estimating production. These figures will include realistic weather predictions and cost-savings analysis.

2.) We’ll Solve All your Doubts

Depending on your specific case, we´ll present you with one or more options. We’ll explain every step and solve all your doubts so that you know exactly what to expect. When you’re ready, we’ll proceed to schedule the installation. Once the deposit is made, the average time to start the installation is 5 days.

3.)We’ll Install Your Solar Energy System

Our technical team will install your new solar energy system prioritizing optimal performance. Most installations take only 1-5 days . Once your system is fully installed we’ll make sure the site is cleaned up, and then our technical staff and a representative from our team will explain how your system operates.

4.) Sit back and relax.

We make it simple. From the start we’ll handle all of the paperwork, filing forms and applications, and will deal with the local utilities until the delivery of your new bidirectional meter. We take care of everything!

5.) Enjoy your Solar & Have More Money For The Things That Matter.

Once the electric company installs the two-way meter, it’s time to turn on the system and enjoy the benefits of being connected to the sun. Forget about that pesky electric bill and rest assured that we’ll be checking that your next billing cycle is correct.

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